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Michelin Tire Program

STS Truck Services is now part of the Michelin Tire Program. We now handle Michelin National Accounts, Michelin ONCall 2.0 program and Michelin Advantage Program.

What makes MICHELIN® TIRES the most innovative tires on the road is our commitment to constantly improving our customers fuel efficiency. We're also here to help your fleet improve its bottom line through proper tire selection, proper maintenance and safety and tips on how to find the perfect MICHELIN® tire for your needs.

Not in the Blair, NE area? Looking for a Michelin Dealer or Service Center? Just click HERE to find one in your area.

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Michelin's 24-hour emergency road service program

STS Truck Services-TAD

  • One Call Does It All 800-TIRE-911                                 (800-847-3911)
  • Learn more about Michelin ONCall 2.0 just click HERE.

Tire Blowout

An under-inflated tire generates more heat due to excessive sidewall flexing, effecting handling, fuel economy, and increased tire wear. Hot weather worsens heat build-up and weakens the tire, potentially leading to abrupt and sometime catastrophic failure.

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