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About Our Air Conditioning Service

When the weather is hot, driving around Nebraska and Iowa can be miserable without air conditioning. Air conditioning is necessary to keep you, your drivers, and passengers cool. If your truck's A/C unit is in need of service, we invite you to see us at STS Truck Services.

STS Truck Services is a family-owned and operated Blair landmark that has been serving the region since 2005. Our team of truck technicians are all AC certified and are familiar with the ins and outs of many vehicle air conditioning systems. When the air coming out of the A/C is cool but not cold, we will resolve the issue. When the A/C compressor has issues, we will find the problem. If we find a leak, we know how to fix it. The expert team of STS Truck Services will do everything possible to make sure your air conditioning system works well so you and any passengers can travel comfortably.

What makes STS Truck Services special and unique when it comes to a truck repair shop? Well, it's more than just offering excellent customer service and air conditioning repair. We are here to serve and care for our clients. Making sure that client vehicles are safe, reliable, and efficient is our motivator and we work to provide that for our customers and our community every day. We feel that if you treat clients right by giving them the best service possible, you're doing it right. If our commitment to doing it right and excellent air conditioning service resonates with you, we hope you will visit us at STS Truck Services in Blair

You can call us (402-533-2056) if you have specific questions about your A/C system, or contact us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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