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New Client Waygu Beef BundleFREE

STS Truck Services team is excited to share the Wagyu Beef our sister company LA & Sons Wagyu Beef produces with our newest clients. Wagyu Beef is some of the most sought after beef in the world. As a thank you to our valued first-time clients, we are giving away a Wagyu Beef Bundle just for giving us a try. When you spend more than $500 on your first visit to our shop you'll get this awesome beef package that includes Wagyu Steaks, Wagyu Burger, and Wagyu Hot Dogs. Your taste buds will thank you for experiencing the incomparable customer service the expert team at STS Truck Services offers!

Computerized Alignment Special$110 PER HOUR

Computerized Alignment

4 Axle, 3 Axle and 2 Axle Trucks and Trailers are $110.00/HR

*Does not include parts

Holiday Wagyu Beef Gift Box OfferCALL TODAY

STS Truck Services is proud to share this Wagyu Beef offer from LA and Sons Wagyu Beef. We recently passed the threshold of 100 days until Christmas. This year is very different. How can you show appreciation for people you care about when you can't see them or meet in person? Send them something over the top that makes an impression. COVID is impacting the normal holiday gifting and unless you’ve already placed your orders for your VIP (Clients, Employees, Suppliers, Friends, Family) gifts, you are behind. Vendor supply chains have been disrupted. And your VIPs may not get their presents until 2021. We have many gift box options to choose from as you get ready for the holidays. We can include a personalized message too! Take action today. Your next step is right in front of you. Place your order by calling Russell and WOW your VIPs!

Russell Roeber


310 Eastgate Drive, Blair, NE 68008

Option 1

6 Ribeyes

$90.00 (MS 4-7)   $120.00 (MS 8+)

Option 2

8 Filets

$105.00 (MS 4-7)   $160.00 (MS 8+)

Option 3

10 Steaks

$130.00 (MS4-7)   $190.00 (MS 8+)

Ribeye, Strip, Filet

Option 4

4 pkg Ground Beef/4 pkg Hot Dogs - $40.00

Option 5

2  6-7# Rib Roast - $150.00

Option 6

Build your own box

Ground Beef - $5.50

12 oz Ribeye - $16.00 (MS 4-7)  $22.00 (MS 8+)

12 oz Strip - $14.00 (MS 4-7)      $20.00 (MS 8+)

8 oz Filet - $14.00 (MS 4-7)         $20.00 (MS 8+)

6-7 # Rib Roast - $90.00

Hot Dogs - $6.75

*** Pricing does not include shipping via Fed Ex

***** MS (Marble Score) the degree of visible intramuscular fat


November Battery SpecialBE PREPARED

We are excited to offer a truck battery special for the month of November. We will check all connections and load test each battery to ensure your vehicle will reliably start on even the coldest days. When the batteries test out good, we clean up any corrosion found on terminals and connections, then seal up connections. If we find any batteries that test bad we will recommend their replacement. We have special pricing of $106.95 for 925 Cold Cranking Amp heavy duty truck batteries. The batteries come with an 18 month warranty and battery labor is 1.5 hrs. Don't let old man winter ruin your workday, be prepared!

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